Creating, Commenting, & Curating ….. What Does This Mean?

Now that you’re on the Hive and the blockchain you want to start building your profile and fill it with crypto. This is easy to do and you can build your business in the process. Engagement on hive is the key element of building your profile and business.

Here on Hive your profile comes with your very own personal blog. This is one of the many ways you start to build your profile and your crypto. Keep in mind that all crypto rewards on hive takes 7 days to show in your account. But patience is key, you will see.

Building on Hive is passive income and you’ll see that your profile and portfolio will build up if you just give it some time. So get started building by creating, curating, and engaging with others.


Hive is a networking site unlike any other. On hive you have your own blog and you earn crypto for your activities. Hive is built on the blockchain and is decentralized. It is an opensource platform where you own your content and don’t have to worry about advertisements you don’t want to see. Everything is transparent and open.


Engagement is key to developing your profile and your blog. You engage simply by creating, commenting, and curating content.


Creating is easy . It’s simply any content you write, quotes or videos you post yourself.


Commenting is easy as well. it’s simply when you comment on others post, quotes, or videos. You can also respond to a comment on your own post and to comments of comments. When you do that, it’s like having a conversation.


What the heck is curating? Curating is simply the term used on the blockchain for liking someone’s post or comment. It is what is referred to as upvoting.


A blog is a type of website where content is presented in an informational or conversational style and is updated on a regular basis. Ab blog can be owned by an individual, a small group of people or company. A blog is usually designed to attract readers and achieves a goal of some sort and is usually builds the business

Passive Income

Passive income is money you earn on regular basis from a source other than an employer or contractor and usually requires little to no effort to maintain. It usually takes time to set up and get it running but then you can sit back and let the money roll in. Passive income can be derived from large ventures such as real estate or on a smaller level from your business as a blogger or anything you have a passion for that can earn you a income.

Some passive income does not require you to materially participate in and others such as blogging requires you to continually give it some time. Passive income can be easy to make if you enjoy what your doing. Things such as royalties or stock dividends are also considered to be passive income.


Depending on what your into a portfolio is a compilation or list of items that exemplifies your assets, beliefs, skills, qualifications, education, training and experiences. It provides insight to what you have accumulated over a period of time.

Various Types of Portfolios

As with an artist, their portfolio contains all the drawings they have drawn, your resume is a portfolio of you skills, work, and education history, And here on hive your portfolio is the listing of all the crypto currency you have earned or bought.

One might also think of their blog as a portfolio as it will list out all the content you have created.

Charletta Allen

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