About Me

HELLO! My name is Charletta K. Allen and I like to share a little about me with you. I like to know who I am working with or getting advice from, so I thought you would like to know too.


I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. I am married to a wonderful man (pictured here) who supports me and what I do and helps keep me on track to success.

I am a Mother of 6 and Grandmother of 24 and a Great Grandmother of 5.


I have been on the internet since the early 80’s and have tried for years to make money online. I did some of everything I could from clicking on ads and emails to getting into affiliate marketing and making money selling ‘other peoples’ products. 

In 2014 when I was let go from my 9-5 and couldn’t find another one. After about 8 months of job hunting, I prayed and decided to get back to making money online. I always knew it was possible but never really gave it the time or money that it took to be my own boss. Over the years I’ve learned some truly valuable lessons about business and being my own boss. One really important thing I learned was that while you can start a business online for nothing, you do eventually have to pay for some things.

So, when I returned to the online world, I was prepared to invest in myself. At least until now, I found a way to start earning money without financial investment through the relaunch of Click Track Profit (CTP).

What I do

My Passions

Click Track Profit always stayed in my heart from all the things I tried to join and work with. This is where I found my success. I am an affiliate marketer, which means that I sell other people’s products for a commission. I’m not yet one of those affiliate marketers who’s making hundreds of thousands of dollars but I’m working at it daily. I like the idea of earning a passive income on a daily basis.

I had to find my passion and with the help of CTP I found it in the apps I use. I also have a passion for understanding what I’m doing and reading. Thant’s why I developed this website so that all can understand the language of affiliate marketing and the blockchain.

Click Track Profit (CTP)

In June 2019, after some emails about the re-launching of CTP, I decided to take a look and logged in…The best decision ever made! The website is clean and simple, the training lessons are a must, and more importantly I seen a real value in CTP and felt a belief in the program and what it was offering.

The platform offers the best of both worlds of having fun while learning & earning. It offered me the advantage of affiliate marketing and the blockchain, a great union driving us into the future. Being able to gain crypto and experience while blogging and doing all the activities I do while helping me to brand myself in the process of building my business.


I want to get everyone I come in contact with to use these apps and the blockchain to earn crypto & some extra money for doing very little. Yes, I am on my phone and other devices all day using various apps to earn money so that I can continue to grow and live the lifestyle I have been living for the past 5yrs or so.

That’s pretty much raps it up for now but I hope to share my success with you in the future. Check out my page for how you can connect with me titled ‘Connect and Follow Me Everywhere’ and be sure to connect with me in a couple of those places for a great adventure in earning a passive income from your smartphone.

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