Tipping Tokens | New On The Scene: Part 1

Hello and Welcome to another post about ‘Tipping Tokens’. It has been a while since I’ve talked about this subject and since then there are some new tokens out therefor you to tip with. Some of them have been around for a little while but I wasn’t aware of them.

Now that I know I want you to know too……

This is about the newest token at this time and I think it’s the best of them all. I am a little bias about this token since it comes from the community that I belong to on Hive.

What makes this the best token? Not only do they have a great tipping scale as to how many tokens you have to have staked but the more you have staked the bigger your tip is, they also allow you to tip up to 20 times a day.

You only need to hold 100 staked tokens in Hive-Engine to use the tipping bot.

This chart make it easy for you to decide just big you would like for your tip to be & all you have to do is to stake the amount of CTP to give the size tip you want to give up to 20 times per day.

That’ right with CTP all you have to do is stake the number of tokens you want to be able to give up to 0,50 CTP 20 times a day. That’s up to a half of a CTP token to content that you think is great. To call the tipping bot just use !CTP, make sure to use all caps.

This tipping token is a little different then most. Not only do you get to tip content creators a token but you also get to share a laugh with them. Each time you command a tip, 11 LOLZ is mined and sent along with a nice joke for them to enjoy and have a laugh. There is a maximum supply of 1 trillion tokens so you best get to tipping today.

With this token the more you hold, the more you can use the tip up to 10 times a day.

No need to worry about staking these tokens, you just need to hold them in your wallet. To call the tipping bot to reward others just use !LOLZ or !LOL.

Actifit has joined the tipping game. They do things a little differently then any other tipping token I know. The thing is this tip comes from you from the balance in your wallet on Hive-Engine, Tribaldex, or Blurt. This token is only sent to Hive-Engine regardless of where you tip from. You can send a minimum of 10 AFIT to the content creator and how many times you use the feature in a day is up to you since it’s coming from your wallet balance. You can also tip as much as you want up to 500 AFIT per tip.

To tip content with AFIT all you need to do is use !AFIT and the author of the content will receive the specified amount of tokens. !AFIT will send 10 and if you choose to send more you simply add the amount like this; !AFIT100 or !AFIT 100. It’s fine to put a space between the words & the number, your choice.

PGM is a pretty cool tipping token, not only do you tip with PGM but they also tip with other tokens when you use their command, 5 tokens in all. When you use !PGM the content creator receives a tip of 0.1 PGM, / LVL / 1 STAEBITS / 0.01 MOTA / 0.05 DEC. What you need to stake is shown below.

One other thing is that when you hold & stake at least 500 PGM, you also get rewarded too for sending the tip. You will receive the same thing that your Tippee receives.

There are a few more tokens, but I need a little more info before I can pass them on to you. Look for Part 2 soon.

Thanks for your interest & time!

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