Tipping Tokens – Rewarding Content At Your Request

How many places can you go and get a tip unless you’re a waiter or waitress. Here on the #hive blockchain there are tokens that you can use to tip the valuable content of others and others can tip your content.

These tokens have different rules for using them. You need to hold a certain amount of them to be allowed to use the tipping feature. They also usually have a certain number of times your allowed to use them. Some just once a day, some depends on how many of the tokens you hold. Some even allow staking so you can build more of the tokens.

BEER – This is an interesting concept, virtual beer. You may have seen this around or even have received some beer yourself. You can also reward great content with beer. By simply owning and staking a crate of beer you can send an reward once a day, or if you have 2 or 3 crates of beer you can send more. 1 crate of beer = 24 beer tokens. so say you have 100 beer staked you can reward 4 great pieces of content each day. Beer is also connected to some of the games on the blockchain like Rising Star, dCity and Cryptobrewmaster. Here’s more info on Beer

ENGAGE -The token of engagement…… The only thing I know about this token is that as long as you hold 1000 #engage tokens you will be able to use it to reward valuable content. Here are a couple of articles you can read. Post 1. Post 2.

WINE – Wine is a community engagement and social rewarding token. Tipping with wine is easy, but first you must have 25 staked wine. Then you simply call on the wine bot by typing “!WINE” in the comments area of the post you wish to tip following your comment and …… wa-laah! You just tipped that person with 1 wine. Wine has levels in which is determined by how many staked wine you have. You can find out more about wine and all the details here.

BBH – The #BBH token is equal to a BTC satoshi. The thought behind this token is to have a token on hive that’s the equivalent to the bitcoin. To use the tipping feature you need to have 1000 BBH for each 1 that you like to tip per day. @bradleyarrow has big visions for this token which you can read about here.

LUV – We all need a little luv! So get this token and spread some #LUV around . All you need is to hold 10 LUV tokens and that allows you to tip up to 3 LUV per day and can be less then 1 Luv (0,50) or any amount you desire. Luv has just made a few changes to how it works and now you get a 5% curation bonus when you reward content with LUV. You can check out the update and ideas for LUV here, and these two posts to the introduction and about LUV.

PIZZA – Everybody loves #Pizza! And now when you find great content that you feel should be rewarded with a little more then you upvote value and comment, you can reward them with #pizza. This is the newest tipping token I know about. I happened along the info on the pizza token as I was doing research for another post I was working on. That moment is also when the idea to write about all these great tipping tokens came to mind along with a couple of other ideas. But let’s get back to the #PIZZA ……….

“Buy & Hold 20 PIZZA to gain access to the !PIZZA command & reward great content!” Taken from the Pizza maker himself at the website. I didn’t see anything about any limits on how often you can call on the command but you can read the introductory post here and learn all about the Pizza!

I’ve tried to cover all the tipping tokens I know about but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few more out there. This #pizza token couldn’t have showed up a better time for me since I had decicided that I would use these tipping tokens as a part of my way of rewarding content in my new community. I look forward to sharing the #pizza and #Luv (as well as all the other tokens mentioned in this post) with you.

New Community developments coming soon! Team Future Faith!

So let’s get out there and find all that great content and reward it!!

Charletta Allen A.K.A. Successchar

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