Income Tokens -Part II – There’s a New Token in Town & Some Others to Investment In.

Let’s jump right in ……..

I Just found out about another income token that I believe will be well worth the investment. This new token is called #cublife. This token will be airdropped on may 14th, 2021 to anyone holding a minimum of 10 LBI tokens, and the snapshot for the initial airdrop will happen on May 7th, 2021 @ 9pm UTC time/5pm EDT/4pm EST. This token sounds amazing and have laid out the plans for how it will work, you can see that here.

Friday – May 7, 2021

Cublife will pay dividends in LEO every Friday to CL token holders. They will be holding monthly group investments which will airdrop new CL tokens to those who have invested prior to the 21st of each month. The pre-sale is going on right now so be sure to get in and send your hive/leo to @cublife now.

Now let’s take a look at some other income tokens….

SPI – SPinvest is a tokenized investment fund/club, the concept is to grow slowly by earning, saving, and compounding long term. This is about all I know about this token but you can read more about it here. Also I’ve included their chart of #SPinvest info below;

Utopis – Every Monday is payout day of this token, it pays out in hive. I don’t quite understand all the details about this income token but I do believe it’s a good investment or else I wouldn’t put it on my blog. You can find more about in #Utopis here.

LBI – stands for ‘Leo Backed Investment’. #LBI pays weekly #LEO dividends. You can purchase LBI on hive-engine but they will not be included in the fund. In order to invest in the fund you must send LEO tokens to @lbi-tokens which will in turn be invested in the fund and you get a weekly dividend on your invested amount.

I hope my explanation of the LBI token does it justice but I would say read for yourself to get a full understanding of it. What is LeoBacked Investments?

COM – This is one of those tokens that just suddenly popped up in my portfolio one day and I had no clue. So of course I had to do some research on the token and I was glad I did. This token came to me as a result of a couple of differrent things. 1) I had bought some #hivehustlers miners and 2) it was payed to me from other income tokens I’d invested in. It wasn’t until I started doing research about income tokens that I realized that this token was also an income token. What’s better then receiving a income token from another income token?

I received #COM tokens from staking #hustler tokens, #HustlerM, and #List tokens and the craziest thing is I got list tokens from holding #COM & #Dhedge tokens. As you can see these income tokens are amazing and a good investment to grow you portfolio.

You can read more about the COM token in the ‘Hivecommerce Token White Paper’.

One of the things about holding these tokens and receiving the others from them is that some of them rewards/drips some of the same tokens so you’re growing those tokens in several ways.

**Disclaimer** – Understand that the following statement is of my own thoughts and is not financial advice…..

I love these income and mining tokens and think anyone who holds crypto for the future should invest in these tokens to help grow their portfolio, Holding these tokens gives you additional token investment that you may not otherwise buy or earn and you never know which of these tokens can be the next ‘Bitcoin’.

Thanks for reading and see ya next time!

Charletta Allen A.K.A. Successchar

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