What Type of Affiliate Marketer Are You?

We all have a type when we do affiliate marketing. I will share with you the 4 types of affiliate marketers and then share my story with you.

The 4 types are ‘Grumpy Gus’, ‘Cautious Colin’, ‘The Slot Machine Marketer’, and the ‘Future Faith’. Sometimes, (especially if you been doing this for a while) you tend to fall into every category. I know from experience that it can happen.

Grumpy Gus

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Do you blame everyone else when you can’t seem to make it in the field? Are you constantly unhappy with the way things are going and turning out? You will always be unhappy and angry, and blame all your misfortune on the world. You also will never take responsibility for your actions. This type of person will never succeed unless he changes the way he thinks and start taking responsible for their own action.

Cautious Colin

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Are you the one that thinks everything is a scam? Have you been dupped one time too many? And now you just click to look and not join anything cause you’re tired of all the schemes out there that just want your hard earned money. Well it’s time to stop being so cautious and come to hive. At hive you can’t go wrong. You truly ear while you learn.

The Slot Machine Marketer

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You jump around from opportunity to opportunity hoping to strike it rich. You’ll try just about anything and all the while your throwing money down the drain. You belong to 50 or even 100 different opportunities just because they didn’t work in a week like the opportunity said it would. You stick with nothing ang just keep exploring new things and you haven’t even given the last opportunity a chance.

Future Faith

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You’re positive with a positive attitude, knowing that the future holds something good for you. You know that if you just keep pushing forward you will make it and become the money making machine you’ve always longed to be.

Can you identify with any of these scenarios or maybe you can relate to all of them, I know I can.

I’ve Been Through Every Stage

I’ve been in and out the affiliate marketing arena for over 20 years and I’m still not rich. I used to be every one of these characters at some put and time.

I started out in the early 80’s with things like survey sites and pay to sites. I never would spend any money and was always looking for the next opportunity. For a long time I was the slot machine marketer always signing up for stuff and I had so many programs that I never had time to truly work any of them. and made very little money. Even when I managed to make enough for the minimum payout, I didn’t get paid because they say I wasn’t active enough or some other reason. So then I became grumpy and cautious all at once.

I thought of everything as a scam and blamed everyone but myself. I sat back for years and just looked at programs and every time I saw an opportunity where some guy made $10,000 I say yeah right. I would never pay for anything and I never made anything. I wouldn’t ‘Pay to Play’.

I had websites (free and paid) and blogs and all sort of things that I thought would help but the one thing I didn’t have was the mindset I have today.

About 7 years ago I got back into the arena and was determined to make it. I became the ‘Cautious Slot Machine”.

I still played the slots a bit but not in the same way. I would actually try to build the stuff I joined and learn what I was doing and what each program was about. I still never concentrated on one program until after several months went by and I found a mentor. It actually was a couple (let’s call them Jack and Jill).

At first I dealt more with Jack and he was very knowledgeable and it seemed that everything he did turned to gold, so I was one of those faithful followers that hung on by a thread.

His opportunities always seemed to be great and while there were awesome free opportunities a lot of them cost money (which I didn’t have). After following Jack and Jill for about 4 years faithfully and buying everything they offered that was within my reach, joining every membership program they developed and maxing out one of my husbands credit cards I thought enough is enough.

As they grew they got bigger and richer and little people like me who was trying to keep up got forgotten and if I didn’t have the money I was left behind struggling. Jack and Jill has grown to be six figure earners today.

The Cautios Slot Machiner Returns

At this point I turned on the slot machine again and became very cautious about everything. That’s when I took my interest in anew direction, My Smartphone. I must have had just about every app there was to make money from my smartphone. Everything from completing task to scanning receipts and anything you can think of including playing games. I still have some of those today because they actually work and pay.

Today I am here on the glorious blockchain and a part of the ‘CTPtalk Community’.

Almost two years ago when Click Track Profit (CTP) relaunched I was there. I had been a part of CTP since in started way back when and had different owners then it does now. Back then it was all about traffic exchanges and i joined so many that I couldn’t keep up. Most things were free then and today still are. The only money you spend is mainly by choice.

I learned over the years that like with anything, You get out of it what you put in’, so this time around I invested in myself and my business and things are slowly growing.

I love having leaders that actually care about me and what I am doing and the give me their time for free. They are helping me build my business and answer my questions and help me solve problems. In addition there’s a great community too. These things allow me to concentrate on my business and move forward at my own pace.

Future Faith Is Back and Here To Stay

Today I am more of a Future Faith’, I know that what I’m involved in will pay off and I see my growth everyday when I come to Hive and see my stats. I’m actually building my portfolio, business and brand. I always had the mindset that this was possible but also wondered when it would happen. Well it’s happening now and it’s a great passive journey that I am enjoying so much thanks to @Jongolson, @blainjones, and @ctptalk.

Charletta Allen

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